We as a patriotic, non-political, independent national movement based in the UK, would like to highly appreciate the brave and courageous action taken by the Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Mr Roshan Ranasinghe, and stand by him to dissolve the corrupted Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC) which has dug the grave of the Sri Lankan Cricket, which once enjoyed a glorious era in the past.

It has been proven on many occasions that SLC is highly corrupt as evidenced by the Auditor General’s Report and Minister Ranasinghe has tabled those as evidence at the Parliament. It is also evident that SLC has bribed many institutions, individuals including responsible decision-makers of the country to cover up their wrongdoings.

We strongly feel that corrupted SLC is responsible for today’s grave situation that Sri Lanka Cricket is currently facing and therefore the people of Sri Lanka are pleading to bring back our past glory. There is no doubt that the Sri Lanka Authorities must sack the corrupt, irresponsible individuals and investigate their deceitful deals since 2018, and bring the culprits to justice for the sake of saving Sri Lanka Cricket. At the same time, we propose to appoint a new selection committee too as the previous selection committee has been responsible for the present disaster.

In Sri Lanka, Cricket is the only sport that makes the whole nation unite under one flag. It is the only sport with a large number of Sri Lankan flags flying at an international level abroad. So, it is not only the most loved sport in Sri Lanka but also a religion amongst Sri Lankans.

Despite all his other political affiliations, we would like the former Sri Lanka Cricket captain and World Cup-winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga to be appointed as the new interim committee chairman to polish Sri Lanka cricket, which the whole nation is eagerly waiting for. We are also totally against nepotism and the appointing of disgraceful and corrupted people to new positions.

Save Sri Lanka Cricket and bring back the smile to the whole nation and those who have currently been suffering politically, economically, and socially.

ඊ-මේල් මගින් පිලිතුරු දෙන්න එය පිට

කරුණාකර ඔබගේ අදහස් ඇතුළත් කරන්න.
කරුණාකර ඔබගේ නම ඇතුලත් කරන්න