The National Science Foundation (NSF) annually organizes the “NSF Award Ceremony” to recognize scientists and researchers in their respective research fields and to bestow awards for their services rendered for the scientific arena and thereby to the national development of the country. Under the NSF Award Ceremony, “SUSRED
(Support Scheme for Supervision of Research Degrees) Awards” are conferred to felicitate Sri Lanakan research degree supervisors. The NSF Award Ceremony this year is scheduled to be held on Thursday, 04 April 2024 from 8.30 – 11.30 am at the Ministry of Education, Isurupaya, Battaramulla under the patronage of Hon. Susil Premajayantha, Minister of Education, and with the participation of Secretary, Ministry of Education, Institutional Heads (Institutes under the Ministry in the S& T sector), ministry officials, Vice Chancellors of Universities, scientists, engineers, and media personnel.

The NSF, one of the premier S&T organizations in the country, promotes Science, Technology and Innovation for socio-economic development under the purview of the Ministry of Education. The NSF implemented the Support Scheme for Supervision of Research Degrees (SUSRED) in 2011, with the expectation of strengthening the National Research System with an increased number of trained / qua I if ied research personnel within a vibrant and dynamic research culture. This will be achieved by motivating senior researchers to supervise postgraduate research degrees, encouraging universities and research institutions to promote and facilitate postgraduate research training and encouraging supervisors to complete the postgraduate research degrees within the stipulated time period without compromising quality.

Research is the foundation of knowledge. New knowledge is essential to the development of a country, so producing more researchers is essential. According to the Statistical Handbook on Research and Development of Sri Lanka 2020 by the NSF, Sri Lanka Researchers per million of population were 103.4. As per the website, researchers per million inhabitants in Low- Income countries, Lower Middle­Income Countries and High-income Countries in 2020 were 176.0, 321.5, and 4525.3 respectively. Sri Lanka was much below the mean no. of researchers per million inhabitants of the low-income countries. Therefore, it is important to take an effort to increase this no. in Sri Lanka.

Every year the NSF calls for applications through an open advertisement.
The supervisors of postgraduate degrees, MPhils & PhDs, can apply for this award. Since its inception in 2011, 240 awards have been conferred to 455 scientists/ engineers across the country in universities, research institutes and industry, in recognition of their service to the nation. This year 42 awards will be given to 96 researchers including university academics from 17 different universities and research institutes across the country.

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